Chicago, home of the absurd

I’m feeling right at home here in Chicago, but I don’t think that’s saying much. Every transplant I’ve spoken to says they became fast friends with this town, despite the unfriendly winters and brutish traffic. I’ve been wondering what makes this urban hub such a pleasant place for uprooted southerners and internationals, and the answer […]

Flashback to the Hijab

This post originally appeared on The BEZ blog.  I was managing the soundboard during Alison Cuddy’s interview with Yvonne Maffei, the blogger behind My Halal Kitchen. Yvonne originally came to the studio to talk about halal food and Ramadan, but the conversation shifted when she talked about her conversion from Catholicism to Islam. Her story resounded deeply with […]

Day at the museum

The most cherished experiences I’ve had as a journalist are the ones that were entirely unplanned. This week was no different. I went to The Field Museum the other day to interview a curator about his research on a Neolithic settlement in Greece. After our conversation, he offered to show me the special collections — […]